Building Websites with WordPress

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Next Class Begins September 27th, 2022

*Classes will all be held online during this time.

You can spend your free time binge watching Netflix or you can learn how to use the most powerful Website building engine in the world and become a Website Building Ninja. Learn to build websites for yourself or make some money on the side building client websites!

Utah Valley University and World Tech Academy have joined forces to help students get a career in the tech industry. This is the best way to start a career in tech.
Many of our students have created their own freelance website development agencies and now work from home for a few hours a week making more than $2000 a month!
Students that complete this course get a Non-Credit Certificate of Completion from Utah Valley University.
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Course Overview

*Classes will all be held online during this time

Creating and maintaining a website is expensive. You basically have three options: pay a contractor or firm and hope they get it right quickly, hire and manage your own expensive team of programmers, or learn how to code it yourself. Who has time for that? Most people don’t have the time or money to learn to program, but thanks to free technologies like WordPress, anyone can now create and maintain beautiful websites with learning only basic programming techniques. This course helps make learning to build your own websites a breeze!

In our 4 week, immersive night Course, we teach business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals how to make the sites they need by mentoring them through the creation of their own live, fully functional WordPress site.

This is also a great course for any person excited by the idea of making extra money as a freelance web developer.

    We’ll teach you how to install WordPress, manage your dashboard, select and customize attractive themes, install plugins to add extra functionality and how to choose a domain and manage hosting, among many other topics!

    Included in the class are modules where we teach you how to work with clients including how to get new clients, pricing our your services, planning website builds with your clients, contracts, taxes, and everything else you need to know to run a successful website development business.

    To help you succeed, we provide experienced mentors to answer any questions you may have and help you get your website looking just right. We’ll even start you off with a free domain name and web hosting for a year ($150 value)!

    Students Join Us From All Over Utah County And Salt Lake Valley.

      Course Syllabus

      *Classes will all be held online during this time
      • Website Building Overview – Planning and Organizing

      • Website Building Overview – The Tools

      • Plugins

      • Content Management & Maintanence

      • Hosting and Publishing

      • Building Your Own Website Building Business

      Course Details

      Date of Next Course:  September 27 – October 20, 2022
      Cost: $649
      Length: 4 weeks
      Structure: 2 hrs/class, 2 class/week*
      Classes held Weekday evenings
      No prior WordPress/Coding Experience required
      Experienced Instructors
      Small Class Sizes
      Real-life projects

      *Classes will all be held online during this time.

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      Next Class Begins September 27th, 2022

      *Classes will all be held online during this time.

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