Front End Web Development

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Next Class Begins April 6th, 2021

*Classes will all be held online during this time.

Open the doors to a Web Developement Career with this amazing comprehensive Front End Development Course!

New classes start every trimester.

This course is an intensive part-time curriculum designed to ready students to become proficient Front-End Web Developers. This includes demonstrable proficiency in the following technologies:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • testing
  • React
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • git

Course Overview

*Classes will all be held online during this time
So you want to learn how to program. Great decision! What programming language should you start learning first?

Regardless of your learning goals — whether it’s to build an iPhone app, become a web developer, or automate some parts of your job — you should start with learning Web Development using JavaScript. Our Front End Web Development course is broken into 2 parts:

Part One

Part One of this course focuses on using HTML, CSS and learning JavaScript to build web applications.

JavaScript is the only language that runs in web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox and because the web is everywhere, JavaScript is everywhere. JavaScript has achieved “one true language” status for web applications — it runs everywhere (and everything) that you need to build a fullstack web application. This means that JavaScript has a much smoother learning curve than any other language – once you learn it you can keep using it and getting better at it. The path to mastery of JavaScript lets you start small and build fun things, but can take you all the way. No other programming language today can claim that. If your goal is to become professionally employable as a programmer, then it’d be hard to make a better choice than JavaScript right now. Evidence suggests that programmers adept at advanced JavaScript are commanding some of the highest salaries right now compared to other web-based languages

    Part Two

    Part two of this course focuses very heavily on one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks, React.

    React is marketed as a “next thing in web development” and “silver bullet for building fast”. There are a lot of consultants and community leaders in the wild, promoting this stuff. You can stay aside for a while, but the Market will suck you in anyway (or not, if you are a pure backend programmer). You can hate it, you can ignore it, but you cannot deny the fact that React is conquering the hearts of both technical and non-technical folks. We see React everywhere these days: startups, huge enterprises, well-established companies and every other CV.
    To compliment your study of REact, in Part 2 of the course you will also learn other popular technologies such as NodeJS and MongoDB.

      Course Details

      Date of Next Cohort: April 6 – June 1, 2021
      Cost: $5000
      Length: 16 weeks
      Structure: 3 hrs/class, 2 classes/week
      Classes held Weekday evenings
      No prior Coding Experience required
      Experienced Instructors
      Small Class Sizes
      Many Real Life Projects
      Students Develop real projects enriched portfolio
      High Hireability Rates (94%)

      *Discounts available for students currently enrolled or planning to enroll in other World Tech Academy courses or workshops.

      *Classes will all be held online during this time.

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      Next Class Begins April 6th, 2021

      *Classes will all be held online during this time.

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